What Are The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Before making the transition to the home business lifestyle, you need to thoroughly examine the pros and cons of being your own boss. I want to start with the negative things – get it all out in the open so you see it exposed for what it really is, and then I’ll tell you the truth about the perks involved on another blog post. 

How many times have you seen pictures or videos on websites with people lying on a beach with their laptop, sipping a ‘Rita with Jimmy Buffet playing in the background while they check to see how money they made between lunch and their afternoon siesta? 

The reality of that is – yes, you can go anywhere and take your business with you, but do you want to? Every year that I go on vacation, my laptop comes too – not because I am checking my money (that would be here when I got back), but because there’s no one else to manage my business while I’m gone, so they’re all semi-working vacations from here on out.  

The Dark Side of Working from Home

Everyone immediately thinks about how great it will be to never worry about rush hour traffic again, and how much fun it is to work wherever you want via a laptop. These are some pretty fabulous benefits, but it’s not all perks and profits. Before I get real with you, don’t let this description of disadvantages scare you into shutting out your dreams before you can weigh the plus side of this equation, too. Make sure you keep reading to the end so that you can make a fair comparison of the ups and downs for yourself.   

So here we go – reasons why working at home as an entrepreneur may or may not be a part of your ideal lifestyle.

There’s No “Guaranteed” Paycheck

When you take matters into your own hands and become a home business professional, it’s up to you to create your weekly cash flow. It might feel like you’re free-falling without a safety net. With your job, you probably get a check even on slow weeks, but when you’re the boss, you only get paid when the company makes sales. This is one reason I’m creating this whole work at home Internet marketing series is because it’s all about building a business, not “how can I make $100 a day.” 

You might have some set number you hope to take in, but business income fluctuates. Do you really want to struggle every day to hit your quotas – or do you want to see a rise in your income that soars steadily over time on average and provides you with financial security? 

Many new entrepreneurs look at their success one sale at a time, and when that one’s spent, they have to figure out how to make more – it can be mentally (and physically) exhausting. You need a cash flow you can count on and there is a way to do that with Internet marketing – but it takes time. 

There Are No Paid Vacation Days

I mentioned this earlier - when you take time off from your home business, you won’t be able to log a real vacation day. When you’re off, unless your business is automated, your income will stall until you get back on the ball. If possible, once your business grows, you can hire an assistant to cater to the needs of your customers while you’re away, but if you’re like most hands-on entrepreneurs, you’ll feel like this business is your baby – and entrusting it to someone else won’t be too relaxing for you.

You Have to Take Total Responsibility for Your Own Results

There’s nobody to blame when business gets slow or when problems arise within your online operation. You can’t point your finger at the CEO, at the marketing department, or anyone else. Your success and your failure rely completely on your efforts and on the value of whatever strategy you chose to implement. Did your server crash? Customers won’t care if your “tech guy” had a misstep – the site has your name on it, so you’re responsible. The buck stops with you! 

There’s No Management Team to Motivate You

It sounds like a dream come true – no gossipy co-workers, no boss looking over your shoulder, and no department head to answer to when your work is late. But it can be more of a curse than a blessing. In a home business, nobody will be making sure you’re at your desk early every morning, and there will be no manager pushing you to work overtime when deadlines are looming. You’ll have to rely completely on self-discipline, and if you don’t have any, you’ll either develop some fast or find your business in big trouble. 

If you label yourself a procrastinator, you’d better learn how to push through it and become productive, instead. I am the world’s worst procrastinator, but when I have to buckle down and get things done, I do!   

This article isn't to discourage working from home but to keep it real about the pros and cons. On next weeks blog post article, I will be writing about the perks of working from home, so please stay tuned.  

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Blessings, Sonia❤