Recognizing the Positives in Your Life and Being Grateful for Them

Recognizing the Positives in Your Life and Being Grateful for Them

Have you noticed on the news how many devastating occurences there are lately? It is so easy to be grumpy about mundane every day occurences in life; however, it is just easy to be aware of the positives life has to offer.

Why is it then that many of us expand so much energy on what is wrong as compared to what is going well in the world? It is one thing to recognize the positive, but yet an entirely different thing to be grateful for them.

There are two components of being a happier more fulfilled person. One is awareness and the other is gratitude for what you recognize.


There are so many positive things every day to recognize, it is impossible not to find one in your life too. Personally, my happy place of positivity is when I'm designing monograms and Bible devotions for you. Just the simple fact that your vision is well and you are able to read this blog post is proof that there is always something positive to share. Waking up every day with a new chance is another simple example.

Little things come and go fleetingly. Have you ever noticed a butterfly quickly float by or a bird land on a branch in front of your window for a brief moment? These are the little things that mean so much. That bird and that butterfly are contributing to a better life for all of us. They are positive elements in our busy world. While we are doing our thing, working, career, education, famly, they are busy doing their thing as well.

It is so easy to look at the flat tire or the traffic jam and not recognize that you are right where you are supposed to be in that moment. There may be an accident up ahead that you would have been a part of if you were exactly on time. Being aware of your surroundings and grateful at the moment in time is precious.


Once you begin to train your brain to be aware of all that you have and how blessed you are. When you focus on things you are grateful for, you will begin to see more things for which to be grateful appear in your life.

If someone told you to be grateful and more will be bestoweed upon you, wouldn't you at least give it a try for a couple of months?

Gratitude is a powerful tool of the mind. The more you are grateful and appreciative, the more you will have for which to be grateful.

Can you think of the positivies in your life? Share your comments below!

Commit to The Lord Whatever You Do And He Will Establish Your Plans ~ Proverbs 16:3



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