How to Boost Your Confidence Through Personal Hygiene and Self-Care

It can be hard to take care of ourselves when we’re going through a rough patch. When our self-confidence gets low, our self-esteem takes a hit, or we get outright depressed, personal hygiene and self-care are often the first things to go. 

This makes us feel even worse and starts a self-reinforcing feedback loop of negative feelings and lost confidence. Focusing on personal hygiene and self-care stops this loop, which is why it’s one of the first lines of treatment for depression.

Put in The Effort

But you don’t have to be depressed or even insecure to benefit from this technique. Researchers have shown that putting more effort into personal hygiene and self-care helps everyone, from the most depressed person to the most confident, to feel better about themselves. 

In fact, this is one of the most effective techniques you can use to get a solid short-term confidence boost. Do it often enough, and you can permanently increase your baseline confidence level.

Do Simple Things

What does it mean to use this technique? Well, if you’re depressed, it means to do simple things like take a shower, brush your teeth, and eat something good for you. These are good pieces of advice for anyone, but you’ve probably got most of those down if you’re not struggling with depression.

Take it Up a Notch

You can take these things up a notch. Get a nice haircut. Dye your hair or do your nails if you like that sort of thing. Go buy a new outfit that makes you look incredible. Get some accessories that go with it too. These things boost your confidence and self-esteem immediately.

Make sure to do everything on your personal hygiene list. Start flossing. Whiten your teeth if yours bother you. Buy the premium soap or perfume you’ve been wanting to try.

Eat Healthy

For self-care, do some things like eat those healthy meals. Cut back on the caffeine and the sugar. Take a walk. Stop putting off needed medical care. Go to the dentist. 

Take some time to yourself and do something you like that relaxes you -whether that’s a bubble bath, a video game, or rappelling off a 500-foot cliff with nothing below you but air. (To each their own.)

Self-Care Journal

These things might seem selfish, but they aren’t because personal hygiene and self-care are both essential to feeling good about yourself. Any of these will help boost your self-confidence, some more than others depending on your personality. Try them and see how much better you feel.

Keep a self-care journal planner to help you on your journey. Check out this 21 page self-care journal planner, created by yours truly. My goal with this self-care journal planner, is to help you keep track of the most important things in your life that will give you the confidence boost you need.  You can use this self care journal planner digitally, to fill out by using Adobe Acrobat Reader for free and insert text where you wish; or you can simply print out the pages and fill it out by hand. 

Either way, I pray that you will find comfort in anything positive that will help you feel the best version of yourself!

The Lord Is Compassionate & Gracious ~ Psalm 145:8