The 4 Perks of Working from Home

Even with the drawbacks in my previous article, there are many reasons why this particular career choice is one of the most rewarding ones on the planet. I can’t even imagine going back to a job with a boss – it sends shivers up my spine.

You’re the Boss

Didn’t I just have something similar in the cons list of my previous article? Yes, this fact carries a certain level of pressure with it, but on the upside, you literally answer to nobody but yourself! In a j-o-b, you might have to follow the “customer is always right” rule.  Well guess what? In Internet marketing, you don’t have to put up with rude customers – you can fire them if you don’t feel you’re being treated fairly. Now this may sound like bad business practices, and if you’re a jerk, it certainly will be. But every once in a blue moon, you’ll run across one of those people you can’t please no matter what – the kind who complain and lash out and because they’re online and not face-to-face, they’re blatantly rude to you. You don’t have to take that.

Unsubscribe them from your list. Blacklist them from being able to buy from you again. Some of these naysayers are serial refunders and marketers talk – we know who steals from us and who’s an honest buyer. As your own boss, you make the rules - and that includes setting your own schedule. You even decide where to work - maybe you’ll stay in your home office, or maybe you’ll take the laptop to your favorite coffee shop. Now with iPads and Smartphones, you can check emails wherever you go to make sure your customers are all taken care of.

You Have No Salary Cap

Nobody is going to pay you as generously as you’ll pay yourself. With your own home business, you don’t have to worry about “making the grade” for your next raise or getting promoted to a new position. Your level of income and success is totally up to you – there’s no glass ceiling. Your income can rise as fast as you want it - depending on how much work you want to put into your entrepreneurial venture.

You Have a Wide Variety of Options

There are many different home business models to choose from. You can even create one of your own. A home business allows you to explore the ideas you like and build a business doing what you love every day.  You have virtually unlimited options when deciding on what type of business to create.  I know I’ve been at corporations where all the employees were scratching their heads wondering why management made the decisions they did – that won’t be an issue here because you’re at the helm steering the boat.

When you come to a crossroads in your business and you see three different opportunities that appeal to you, you get to choose which direction you take and enjoy every step of the way.

Making an Informed Decision

What do you think so far? Is an Internet marketing business something you’d honestly like to try, or would you prefer to look into a simple corporate gig? It’s kind of like those online dating profiles you have to fill out – they have “deal-breakers” in there for a reason – so people won’t waste time.  Did you find a deal-breaker in what I just exposed as drawbacks to working for yourself? Or did the perks far outweigh any obstacle you might encounter?   

There’s no shame in deciding a home business isn’t for you. At the same time, if you believe you can succeed online, you shouldn’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise – even yourself. Take this decision seriously. Remember, you’re considering a business venture, not a new hobby. In the end, it’s up to you to follow your heart and do what’s right in your unique situation.

I Can Do All Things Through Him Who Gives Me Strength - Philippians 4:13

Blessings, Sonia❤